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Running Debian on Cosino

If you wish running Debian on your Cosino based system you need a microSD with a Debian OS pre-installed. Then you have two options:

After building up your microSD just plug in it into your Cosino, connect a serial console USB cable to have a command line prompt, and the system will power up!

In the end you should get the login prompt as follow:

Note: in some circumstances you may need adding an external power supply otherwise your Cosino based board may have some troubles in running correctly!

Installing a new Debian package

Managing Debian system is quite simple, if you are an experienced Debian user you may skip this paragraph, otherwise let me suggest first to see the Debian Documentation for a full documentation and then keep reading.

Adding a new package into Debian OS is quite simple! Suppose we wish to install a web server into Cosino’s base system and let’s see which steps are required to do this job.

Note: you may buy a pre-formatted, ready-to-run, microSD on Cosino’s e-shop with already has a web server installed on it or you can build your own base system by reading this document.

Main Debian tool to search packages is apt-cache which can be used in the form:

so in our case we can use something like:

Note: the command may take a while to run…

the output is quite long but looking carefully we see an interesting package named lighttpd:

let’s investigate a bit better; again we can use apt-cache as foillow:

This is exactly what we need! Then to install the package just use command aptitude as follow:

Note: the command may take a while to run…

Just hit ENTER and the package will be installed. When finished you can connect via HTTP to Cosino with a web browser pointing to Cosino’s IP address and you should see lighttpd‘s placeholder page.


Let’s see this little tutorial about how to manage Debian package lighttpd with PHP support.

Installing an alternative Python package

In case you need to install an alternative Python package you need the package python-pip and the you have all that you need to install it!

In order to search for a specified package you can use the command:

warning Note: the output has been reduced due the list is quite long.

then you can install the package by using the following command:



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