Industrial Embedded Computers

Cosino is an open-source platform based on flexible and easy to-use hardware and software components. Its OEM computers and KITs (special discounted items) are ideal to experience, learn and consolidate basis of quick prototyping and design of both software and hardware.

discounts for schoolsSpecial Discounts for schools: 20% off for schools and educational purposes! Use code disc2000p-edu before checking out your chart.

Please apply if you are a school or other educational institute only, otherwise your order will be blocked!

If unsure or you need large quantities, special inquiries or more information you can contact us!

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Build up your card

The creators and developers of Cosino are glad to put their experience and professionalism to help you to design and to implement your prototypes according to your specifications.

Have you a working prototype ready-to-use but you don’t know how to produce it? What are you waiting for? Let’s contact us!