What is Cosino?

Cosino is a CPU module that, once connected to a carrier board and to other devices, realizes a modular system useful for quick prototyping .

What is the “Cosino Project”?

The “Cosino Project” is a project that aims to achieve boards for quick prototyping.

CPU modules, carrier boards and many compatible devices all of them ready to be used to turn your ideas into reality!

Which Operating System have the Cosino Project’s devices?

All CPU modules of the Cosino Project use Linux as kernel and two main distributions: Debian 7.0 and OpenWRT Barrier Breaker! The latter is used to embed applications for final products.

How do I can buy a device of the Cosino Project?

It’s Easy! Just go to our shop.

Who produces the Cosino Project’s devices?

The CPU modules and carrier boards are all produced by HCE Engineering, a company with several years of experience in design and implementation of industrial control systems, while the peripherals are partly produced by HCE Enginnering and partly by partner companies.

I’d like to create my board, what should I do?

First you need to buy a CPU module and a carrier (or just a ready-to-use development kit) and, if needed, download the binary images to create your own microSD to boot the system!

For further info see the step-by-step guide into the Learning category.

Ok, I realized my prototype, but now how can I produce it in series
for the market?

No problem! Just contact us presenting your idea and we will very glad to evaluate and discuss it with you in order to produce your ideas.

Which programming languages Cosino does support?

All of those are in a Debian/OpenWRT distribution.

Is Cosino shipped in all country?

Not yet unfortunately… at the moment is shipped in Europe and in the United States but we are working hard to be able to sell it around the world!

Which devices can I connect to Cosino?

As a general rule any device supported by Linux (version 3.10 or higher), expecially all peripherals of Cosino Project which have a well tested driver and on-line documentation.

I’d like to use Cosino but I’m not very practical, there are
any on-line help?

Yes, just take a look at our Learning pages or join the community where you can ask for specific questions.

How much does Cosino consume?

The Cosino base system consumes less than 2W!

Is Cosino certified?

Yes, Cosino is built by all CE certified components and, in turn, Cosino itself is CE certified.

Has Cosino some specifications for the industrial environment?

All boards are made specifically to be used in industrial applications and therefore they have all the needed requirements.

If you need further information about this topic, please, feel free to contact us.

There are some examples about how to use Cosino?

Yes! Take a look at our Projects section.

Why should I choose to use Cosino?

Because it is a system designed for high tech and professional industrial applications, because it is engineerable and reproducible in series for commercialization.

The wide range of supported devices, the on-line software availability, the on-line documentation and the community make Cosino one of the most complete and high quality project currently available on the market.