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Cosino Enigma’s Linux kernel

Cosino Enigma’s Linux kernel

If you need to recompile Cosino Enigma’s Linux kernel you have to clone linux repository on our GitHub page. You can use command:

then setup your cross compiler (on my Ubuntu I used package gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf):

At this point you can cross compile the kernel by using:

This command configures linux in order…

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Using a GSM/GPRS modem

Using a GSM/GPRS modem

Having an Internet connection is nowadays a must-have for quite every embedded board, so let’s see how we can use a serial GSM/GPRS module on our Cosino based board for both sending a SMS or to surf the Internet. Prerequisite You need a Cosino core module plugged in into a Cosino’s extension with a preformatted microSD in order to have a…

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