Cosino Project is born thanks to an effort of an hardware developer (Armando Genovese) and a software developer (Rodolfo Giometti). They founded HCE Engineering which has 20+ years experience in hardware/software developing of embedded systems for home automations, robotics, medical applications, communications, remote monitoring and control automations.

Cosino Project aims to create a suitable environment for quick prototyping. Users should have basic hardware components to be used to turn their ideas into reality! All Cosino Project’s boards have dedicated documentation, programming examples and a forum section in order to minimize hardware access. All CPU modules has a ready-to-use GNU/Linux system and a Debian/OpenWRT distribution in order to give to users a very large software repository.

Hastega is the first developers team using a Cosino Mega 2560 board for its systems. They also helped HCE Engineering in developing a web/community site and in managing Cosino’s related social networks.

Media/Press contacts

Rodolfo Giometti
Cosino Project Co-founder
Email: giometti[at]


HCE Engineering Srl
Via G. Guarini, 44
57121 Livorno – Italia
Tel. +39 0586.219399
Current Cosino Project Board Members

Armando Genovese <genovese[at]> – HCE Engineering – Hardware designer and QA
Rodolfo Giometti <giometti[at]> – HCE Engineering – Software designer and QA
Luca Zulberti <zulberti[at]> – HCE Engineering – Hardware/Software developer
Fabrizio Ridolfi – Hastega – Web/Community manager and usability

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