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Running a lightweight HTTP web server with PHP

Debian OS have several web servers ready to install (Apache as the main reference) but if you wish a low memory footprint and an easy configuration task the best choice is definitely lighttpd!

On Cosino, with a Debian OS pre installed, adding lighttpd with PHP support is quite an easy task.

To install the WEB server just use command aptitude as follow:

warning Note: the command may take a while to run…

Just hit ENTER and the package will be installed. When finished you can connect via HTTP to Cosino by using a web browser pointed to Cosino’s IP address and you should see the lighttpd‘s placeholder page.


Now to add PHP support you must go under the lighttpd‘s configuration directory and then adding the following symlinks:

Now just restart the daemon:

and you are ready to test your first PHP script! To do a simple test just put the following simple PHP script into the /var/www directory:

Now, as above, if you point your browser to you should see the default PHP info page.


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