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This low cost I2C sensors board is very useful for all applications whose need a lot of IOs in order to interact with real industrial environment by I2C/TWI bus.

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The board has a temperature sensor, a 12-bit ADC, a 10-bit DAC and an 8-bit IO Expander whose can cover a wide range of industrial monitoring/controlling applications, while the EEPROM chip can be used to store simple system settings and/or useful data regarding the production activity.


All data transfers are managed by the I2C protocol and the power supply is 3.3V.

On board chips are:

  • Serial EEPROM 24LC02B (I2C slave address 0xAX).
  • Temperature sensor MCP9800 (I2C slave address 0x92).
  • 12-bit ADC MCP3221 (I2C slave address 0x9A).
  • 10-bit DAC TC1321 (I2C slave address 0x90).
  • 8-bit IO Expander MCP23008 (I2C slave address 0x40).



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